President’s Message

I’d like to introduce myself as the 11th President of the Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan (HEAJ). I was elected by the Extraordinary Board of Directors on June 13th, 2019. First of all, I’d like to acknowledge the great courage and success that our senior associates have achieved. I am thrilled to be here, and excited about the tradition our seniors have built up in the areas of medicine, nursing care and welfare. I will do my best to improve healthcare facilities and engineering in healthcare-related institution.

The Hospital Engineering Association of Japan was founded to promote and improve hospital facilities in 1953, prior to the establishment of the present HEAJ. The HEAJ has made tremendous contributions to healthcare engineering over 65 years. We have held the HEAJ Annual Meeting since 1972, when the first Hospital Engineering Symposium of Japan was held as a part of academic approaches to support industry in the field of healthcare engineering. At the same time as the annual meeting, since 1974, we have held HOSPEX Japan, which is an exhibition focusing on medical equipment and healthcare facilities in Japan, currently held with the Japan Management Association.
The HEAJ has actively engaged in offering information to people all over the world. In 1984, our society became affiliated with the IFHE (International Federation of Hospital Engineering), with delegates attending the biannual IFHE conference and the annually held council meeting to participate in active exchange of ideas and information. In 2010, our society hosted the first IFHE international conference in Tokyo, which was the first conference in Asia.
Presently, the HEAJ works in a wide range of areas, including creation of guidelines for healthcare facility design, accreditation of certified hospital engineers, and the publication of our official Journal.
The HEAJ consists of members from various specialized areas such as physicians, nurses, medical consultants, hospital designers, hospital constructors, manufacturers of medical devices, hospital managers, medical researchers, and other healthcare professionals. The activities of the HEAJ are supported by these members.
Recently, the living environment is becoming more severe. On the other hand, the role of the HEAJ in the center of cross-sectional working in the areas of planning and construction of healthcare facilities is expected to become more important. We are always challenging ourselves to meet the needs of healthcare engineering, and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Hiroshi Yasuhara
August 2019